Open Application

Who are we?

A-Players is a business builder that enriches starting, fast-growing companies with knowledge, facilities, capital and an extensive network, to help them grow even faster.

We don't offer a month-long pre-program or demo days. If the idea is right and the entrepreneur fits the idea, we can get started quickly. We adapt our growth program to the specific needs of the A-Player.

We get our ideas and people from our own network and think and act as a co-founder; we provide knowledge, coaching, sales, developers, online marketers and capital as required by the company to grow.

 We work together with entrepreneurs, investors and knowledge partners.

Who do we look for?

Whe are always looking for people who are boundlessly ambitious. Who create the right conditions themselves so they can do what they want to do. People who show infinite commitment to creating their dream life. People who continue to learn by tackling challenges with both hands. Who want to be better every day than they were yesterday, get up more often than they fall over, get shit done and be proud of it.

We call them A-Players. And those are the people we’re looking for.

What's required?

You don't recognize an A-Player by his or her resumé. It's about the personality. The drive for personal development. The motivation to be an entrepreneur.

So are you an A-Player and do you have a great idea for a start-up, or have you already started it? Or don't you have that great idea yet, but are you curious if we're a match, then send us your open application.

We do have requirements for the (future) businesses we work with: we only cooperate with IT-focussed companies with the goal to regain recurring revenue.

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