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My coaches focus not only on numbers and processes, but also teach me how to think
outside-the-box. They are truly motivated to help me boost my personal development.

Emmo - Business Leader Best4u Media B.V.

A-Players are recognized anywhere

You know who we mean – people who are boundlessly ambitious. Who create the right conditions themselves so they can do what they want to do. People who show infinite commitment to creating their dream life. People who continue to learn by tackling challenges with both hands. Who want to be better every day than they were yesterday, get up more often than they fall over, get shit done and be proud of it.

We call them A-Players. And those are the people we’re looking for.

As a Business Builder, we use our knowledge, network and capital to help young European talent who want to build and grow a flourishing e-business.

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What does a 'Business Builder' do?

A Business Builder enriches starting, fast-growing companies with knowledge, facilities, capital and an extensive network, to help them grow even faster.

You can also refer to them as start-up factories, tech studios or venture builders.

Unlike an incubator or accelerator, we do not have a month-long pre-program or demo days. If the idea is right and the entrepreneur fits the idea, we can get started quickly. We adapt our growth program to the specific needs of the A-Player.

We get our ideas and people from our own network and think and act as a co-founder; we provide knowledge, coaching, sales, developers, online marketers and capital as required by the company to grow.

We work together with entrepreneurs, investors and knowledge partners.

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Entrepreneurs are our A-Players. They put entrepreneurship in Europe even more on the map. They make the world simpler with their e-businesses. They provide a business model with recurring revenue.


As soon as a start-up becomes a scale-up, we work together with investors to give our A-Players a helping hand. To make them grow faster.


Knowledge partners help our A-Players to increase their network and knowledge. Both at home and abroad. And our A-Players help our partners to expand and simplify their world and knowledge.

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